Dear Customer!

Tri Viet Machine Automation Co., Ltd. (TVI) We would like to send you our best wishes and best regards.

Tri Viet Machine Automation Co., Ltd. (TVI) was born on the foundation of a group of automatic machine design engineers formed in September 2016, precursor is a group of young generation of startup engineers maturing from the Science – Technology Innovation contest of City, Robocon,etc, won many significant achievements, confirming the talent and capacity of manufacturing research.

Is a private company born in the development of Vietnam’s industry towards modernization “Precision Technology”, in order to serve the needs of increasing diversification in quantity, improving quality, as well as ensuring the continuous and synchronous operation of production units, from which Tri Viet Machine Automation Co., Ltd. (TVI) was born, contributing to the development of Vietnam and other countries in the region.

With motto: Devoted to the success and satisfaction of its customers, along with excellent staff, professional workflows, strict quality control standards and outstanding research and development capabilities, TVI is day and night constantly innovating towards the goal: “Build TVI to become the leading ODM unit of Vietnam”
TVI is very pleased to serve you!